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Lucit featured in Lehigh Valley Business Journal

 Lucit helped power a recent billboard campaign that doubled the number of adoption from 2 pet shelters in Lehigh Valley. Below is what their local paper had to say about it.  Read the whole article here:  "During the Month of February - the month of love - Adams Outdoor Advertising of the Lehigh Valley is showing off its latest technology by help­ing animals find homes.  Tony Cioffi, general manager of the Bethlehem office of Adams, said his firm is partnering with the Sanctuary at Haafsville and Peaceable Kingdom to help the animal rescues post photos of dogs and cats that are available for adoption on some of Adams' 72 billboards throughout the region.  "We've never had anything like this before at Adams or in the outdoor advertising industry," he said. With sponsorships from Chaar and Camp Bow Wow, Adams has given the rescues the ability to post and update advertisements for the homeless pets from their own offices.  "If we show how fast we can update these bill­boards it will help us really grow;" Cioffi said.  He said the campaign has been a success. Peaceable Kingdom told him they adopted out 16 cats the first weekend the ads were running -double the normal number of adoptions.  Overall, the two organizations had nearly 70 animals adopted out in the first few days of the campaign.  Janet Dorwart, a board member of Peaceable Kingdom said her organization has been blown away by the success of the cam­paign.
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"It's doing more for us than any­thing has done for us in years and years and years," she said.  Not only has the organization been able to adopt out more ani­mals, it has gotten calls from people offering to volunteer and make donations.  The technology allowing the shel­ters to update their own digital bill­board ads was developed by a North Dakota based software company, Lucit.  Adams has been using the tech­nology for almost two years, but the local office of Adams is still in the experimental stage having worked with a couple of local car dealer­ships and some real estate firms.  Eric Kubischta, co-founder of Lucit, said the idea behind the web app is pretty simple.  Advertisers have been able to con­trol much of their digital advertising on sites like Facebook for years, but they haven't had such control over billboard advertising.  "It had always been that the cus­tomer would send the ad to a rep and it would run [on a billboard] for six months;' Kubischta said.  With the growing popularity of digital billboards, he saw no reason why advertisers couldn't have the same control over their outdoor advertising.  "These billboards are really just giant computer screens on sticks on the side of the road;' he said.  Using the Lucit technology, the customer doesn't have to go through a rep to get an ad changed. They can change their own ads.  He gave the example of a small bar posting their specials or what band would be performing there that weekend.  He also pointed to a ski resort that needed to close because of inclem­ent weather. The operators were able to change their billboard advertising to let people know they would be closed that day.  Cioffi said Adams is hoping to expand the service to a wide variety of its clients after its initial rollout.  He said the technology proved to be helpful especially with Adams' used car clients who were able to post ads with photos on billboards of individual cars they had for sale.  The dealers could control what zip code the billboards would appear in to target people who were actually close to where the car was for sale. They also had the ability to take a car down if it had been sold.  "That was really successful. People could buy preowned cars right off the billboard;' Cioffi said.  Realtors had the ability to pro­mote open houses and post photos of available homes, with the same control over what, where and when they post.  "The advertiser has control of changing up content within min­utes. There's no wait;' he said.  A growth area he said Adams is looking to expand into is retail sales and digital coupons. He said retailers like Big Lots, which have a large rotating inven­tory, could promote products that are on special that they are trying to sell.  Grocery stores could also pro­mote their latest offerings.  As for the pet adoption campaign, the main push is for the month of February, but Cioffi said because of the popularity of the campaign, Adams is looking to run similar pro­motions in the future and is looking to partner with more animal rescue organizations and sponsors. "
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