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Lucit Onboarding is Easy

Onboarding your screens to Lucit is easy. Send your Lucit representative the few items below to get started.

  1. Digital Screen Inventory. This is the data about all your digital screens including screen identifier, average daily impressions, latitude, longitude, etc. This data can be easily exported out of Apparatix and F360, or your Lucit rep will provide you with an excel sheet of the appropriate format.

  2. A list of operator team members so that we may invite them to the Lucit demo accounts. They can use these demo accounts to become familiar with the software, post ads, see how the inventory connectivity works, upload full-size creatives, control ad frequency, schedule creatives, view real-time analytics, etc. These demos are also excellent for pitching the software to advertisers.

  3. 3-4 current advertisers that you want to get started using Lucit. If possible, try to choose advertisers from different industries such as automotive, real estate, retail, recreational, grocery, rental real estate, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, lawn & garden, furniture, etc. This will help you see how the process works and can benefit advertisers in any industries.

Email to start onboarding.


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