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News Stations Will Give You Money

Use Lucit to get money from your local news stations. Sell them on being the first news stations in your area to:

  1. Easily promote headlines. Lucit will connect to any news source’s website and automatically generate creatives based on current headlines. They are able to add/remove the headlines they wish to run in rotation by clicking a plus or trash icon. As headlines are added or removed to the website, they are automatically added or removed from Lucit. As changes occur, such as headline or photo changes, they are automatically updated in Lucit.

  2. Let local viewers post their own news – with approval. Allow local viewers to submit their own news headlines that you can choose to promote with our approvals process. Give your viewers a sign-up link, they can login to Lucit, click +Post, choose a photo, type their headline, and they will be entered into a queue where you can choose which headlines if any, to promote. What a unique, easy way to get your viewers involved.

Close the sale:

  1. Give them what they get from every other advertising medium. Companies have come to expect real-time analytics and engagement from their advertising spends because they get it from essentially every advertising medium that they use. With Lucit, operators can offer a similar experience to what advertisers expect. Real-time analytics such as ‘last shown a few seconds ago’ and ‘your ad received its first play’ provide proof of play and remind advertisers that their campaign is active, and reinforce their decision to buy DOOH. The ability to upload full-size creatives, post ads on the fly, and see real-time analytics offer a form of engagement that advertisers can get anywhere else and have come to expect. Even if they will not use all of the capabilities, they expect to have them.

  2. Get in their pocket. A bigger spend is attractive to account executives for obvious reasons, but here’s why you should pitch your local news stations a smaller spend. If you can pitch a high dollar spend and get them to say yes, that’s great, but not always the case. You should have a counteroffer, when they say no. Just because they are not ready to spend $5,000 with you a month, doesn’t mean they are not ready to spend $500 with you a month. Offer them the right price, they will say yes, and they will get hooked. You may see such a small amount as a lot of effort for a little money, but now, you are part of their spend. You will be worked into the budget next year. You are their billboard rep; if your competitor comes to them to sell them billboards, they’re going to say no because they already have a relationship with you. Secure the small spend to ensure you’ll be around when they’re ready for a big spend.

Schedule a meeting with your local news stations and contact us; we will help you close the deal.


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