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How to Get Your Local News Station on Digital

If you were to ask someone where they see current news stories, a majority of people would likely say indirectly by scrolling through social media or directly by watching the news. Billboards should be part of that answer, reaching those select people that may not scroll through social media or watch the news, but they likely drive.

Use Lucit to onboard your local news stations. With the app, they can easily promote their current headlines, edit them, and post breaking news on the fly. People tend to think of the real estate and automotive industries when they think of Lucit’s automatic connectivity feature, but Lucit can connect to more than just back-end inventory data feeds. In this case, Lucit has a real-time connection with a local CBS affiliate – TV News Station. Lucit pulls headlines, titles, and photos from the website and inputs them into the blank inventory template, and a creative is generated for that news headline. Once the headline is removed from their website, it will be automatically removed from Lucit.

This campaign is generating up to 50 creatives a week without any additional work from the operator’s graphic designer, account executive, or scheduler. They have headlines running on weekdays and full-size creatives of their team members running on the weekends.

If you’d like to tackle your local news stations with the help of a Lucit representative, email to schedule.


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