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Privacy Laws Set OOH Up to Win. What’s Your Move?

Online Advertisers are reeling as new privacy laws and regulations reduce the ability to use retargeting, behavioral targeting, and tracking. All of these tools are essential to online advertising campaigns and they’re being put in the hands of the consumers by allowing them to opt-in to tracking. Now is the time for DOOH to step up and fill that gap. These changes limit the effectiveness of online advertising meaning that potential clients are looking for new places to invest their advertising budget and OOH is the place they’re going.

Apple, Google, and others are implementing privacy regulations that require users to opt-in to being tracked. 70% of people are expected to opt-out. Ads won’t be able to saturate their target market. They won’t know if they’re sending ads to college students doing research or a mother looking for a new recipe. We already know that billboards consistently hit their target audience because they are viewed by such a large number of people. They are proven to be effective time and time again. You can’t opt out of a billboard.

This is the opportunity for OOH to step up and secure spending from clients who now have to question if their marketing budget is being put to the best use. But OOH has some work to do, there’s a reason billboards aren’t always a “go-to” in the internet era. Plus, you need to convince potential clients that you have something better than your competitors. So what is your move?

Sending PDF analytics at the end of the month is not going to hold up to the real-time analytics clients are used to now. Allowing clients to see real-time analytics from their billboards via an app whenever they want is a simple way to put the power in their hands, the same way they’ve come to expect from their online ads.

That is not the only step. OOH will not succeed if you are not able to match the simplicity of posting a Facebook post and then promoting it as an ad. They won’t be interested in a clunky process that requires too much time and money for each creative. They want to update ads on the fly, from their phone.

Lucit has these features and more to create an experience that meets your future clients expectations and sets you above the competition. Secure that spend by showing them that they are getting what they paid for AND it's just as easy to do as social media.


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