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Templates : Custom Field : Combine Dynamic Fields and Text

Often, we want to combine multiple dynamic field macros together with each other, or, with additional custom text

The following examples will show you how to build a custom field using the build in `fnConcat` function in the Custom Field Editor See Function Reference

Year, Make Model

A common custom field for Automotive templates is make from combining 3 fields to produce a title like `2023 Mercedes CLA45 AMG`

Because each of these fields are usually separated in the dynamic data that comes from most Automotive data sources, we will need to combine them together to make them look great on your template

Start by Adding a new "Custom Field" by clicking on the "+" next to "Custom Field" at the bottom of the "Dynamic Fields" section

In the "Custom Field Name" box enter "Year Make Model"

And in the code section, copy and paste the following Javascript code

Your custom field box should now look like this

Save the field and it will appear in your custom fields list

Click on it to add it to your template


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