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  • Client-Facing App for Billboards

    Lucit is the first, client-facing app for billboards. The software allows advertisers to directly control their digital billboard campaign from their phones inventory management system Post ads by just choosing a photo and caption Upload full-size creatives Control

  • Connection to Client Data

    By connecting to any inventory management system, Lucit's Real-Time Control empowers clients to sync

  • Your Clients want Control.

    Right out of the gate, many clients see advertising as necessary evil. In an unprecedented year of things that are beyond our control, people feel comfort in controlling the Seek out ways to help your clients have more say and more control in the advertising process. You will become a partner to them in that process and build trust with the client. Offer your clients advertising options that no one else has.

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  • Dynamic Creatives Attract New OOH Clients

    will take care of the creatives making it easy for clients to use. real-time stats, complete control, and an easy-to-use interface. stats to clients. Schedule a Demo Give the Client Control. Lucit makes managing campaigns easy! Saving time and money while giving the client the control they want.

  • OOH New Client Inspiration and Ideas

    availability • Rates for safe drivers • Perks (free quotes) • Events (a lot of insurance agents will have client Membership specials • New merch and sales • Class availability • Schedule changes • Hiring campaigns • Clients /members ORTHO • Appointment availability • Brace-free clients • Procedures • Hiring campaigns • Doctor • Lawyer image and contact info • Promote services (Divorce, child custody, estate planning etc.) • Client photos (ex: client redid all of their living room furniture) HIGHER EDUCATION • University events or

  • Lucit | Paisley Kelly Case Study

    estate agent at Coldwell Banker Alfred Saliba Realty, faced a problem with limited creative freedom and control However, the lack of control over her billboards made it difficult for her to showcase her brand effectively to her problem by offering a digital billboard platform that gave her complete creative freedom and control With complete creative freedom and control over her digital billboards, she was able to expand her reach were spending on changing out customer creatives and was able to provide their customers with more control

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