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Revolutionary Platform to Connect Real Estate MLS Data to Digital Billboards

Lucit, a groundbreaking software solution for real estate, is revolutionizing billboard advertising. With Lucit, brokerages can now seamlessly connect their live listings directly to digital billboards, enabling them to effortlessly showcase their latest listings in a streamlined and automated manner.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this platform establishes a seamless link between brokerage multiple listing services and digital billboards in real time, ensuring that the displayed properties are always up to date and accurate. Any changes to property data in the MLS, such as price, photos, or descriptions, are instantly reflected on the digital screen.

"With Lucit, real estate brokerages no longer need to manually update their billboard advertisements or worry about showcasing properties that are no longer available," emphasized Gina Gordon, CEO of Lucit. "Our platform handles everything automatically, empowering brokerages to focus on their core expertise—selling properties."

Lucit has forged strategic partnerships with major operators across the country, and its platform is now adopted by brokerages nationwide. By providing a simple and automated solution to showcase their current inventory, Lucit enables real estate agencies to gain a competitive edge and connect with a broader audience of potential buyers.

"My brand and creativity are precious to me. Lucit has given me the freedom to advertise and share on an entirely new scale with the easy click of a button." Paisley Kelly, Realtor

For more information about Lucit and its groundbreaking platform, please visit their website at Lucit's real estate case studies are available at


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