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Schedule Creatives with Lucit’s Latest Feature

Lucit now supports scheduling for creatives. Advertisers can open their Lucit app, click the gear icon next to the creative they want to schedule, click +Add Dates, choose the date range, and click save. Multiple days and/or date ranges can be chosen. Creatives with set schedules will have a colored gear icon next to them.

Lucit’s goal is to allow advertisers to control their entire digital billboard campaign through their phone, and keep them engaged throughout the length of the campaign. There are various use cases for this feature in each industry.

  1. Realtors can schedule a creative advertising their open house that weekend all week, and then set one advertising open house today on the actual day.

  2. Automotive dealerships can schedule creatives advertising their huge used inventory sale up until the last day of the sale.

  3. Retailers can schedule a creative to run on a holiday letting people know that they are open that day and to stop in.

The list goes on and we expect that users of the app will find new ways to use the feature that we never even imagined.


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