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Get EVERYONE Obsessed With Your Screens

In March, we had members of our community obsessed with digital screens. Here’s how we did it.

How It Started

As we were promoting our CEO for International Women’s Day on social media, we thought, we are in the business of billboards so why not promote our business? That same day, we designed a women’s month creative, put Gina up on the billboard, and posted on social media so that our women in our community could be nominated to join her on the billboard. Community members started sharing the post, tagging women as nominees, etc. As women were nominated, we posted them to the screen in Lucit using a headshot and their professional title. We invited them to the app so that they could see when their ad was last shown.

How It Went :

It was a HIT.

85 new social media followers

3,500 social media post impressions

1,043 social media post engagements

24 creatives were generated in 24 days with MINIMAL work

Multiple leads inquiring about billboard prices from women business owners who had been nominated

How You Can Do It Too :

Choose an event that you’d like to honor people for such as Mother’s day, Memorial day, Father’s day, Veteran’s day, etc. Design an appropriate post template using the spec found here Reach out to us to get the Lucit dynamic feed scheduled for the promotion dates.


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