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Don’t try to be Facebook or Google. Be Out-Of-Home, but better

Facebook, Google, and/or online advertising have worked themselves into nearly EVERYONE’s budget. Nearly every company spending money on advertising is spending money on Facebook, Google or some other form of online advertising.

Don’t get caught up in this and try to be Facebook or Google. Out-of-home is not like Facebook or Google, and that’s okay. Out-of-home is unique; it’s better. Make sure that your potential advertisers understand why out-of-home is different, and why it should be included in their budget, or their budget spend should be increased. Instead of focusing on what online advertising is that out-of-home isn’t, focus on what out-of-home is that online isn’t. There is a limited number of out-of-home placements available; there is a finite amount of ad space in the out-of-home industry whereas there are millions and millions of impressions in onlie advertising. Out-of-home is a hot commodity, and online advertising is available to anyone and everyone with $5.


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