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Get Boat Dealers Excited About Digital Billboards

OOH teams, don’t get too caught up in automotive and forget about boat dealers.

We’ve partnered with a local company, River City Sports, to be the first boat dealer to promote their inventory on digital billboards with the Lucit app and they were so excited. Here’s how we got the campaign started.

  1. We reached out to DealerSpike to set up the automatic inventory connection. It was as easy as sending them an email and having the appropriate dealer contact approving the export. If you’re not sure how to go about asking them about their data feed provider, it helps to explain to them that its the same data that they typically use to power their own website, or websites like

  2. We sent their in-house graphic designer our creative template specs that can be found here, and he created their blank inventory template that you can see below.

  3. We setup their Lucit campaign and they were ready to go! All they had to do was open the Lucit mobile or desktop app, and click the + icon next to any of their boats they wanted to promote. Once they choose a boat to promote, Lucit generates a creative for that boat based on the details received from DealerSpike, in this case, boat year, title, monthly financing price, and photo.

Are you ready to go after your local boat dealers? Feel free to reach out to have a Lucit team member attend the first meeting with you. You are the experts in billboards, and we are the experts in inventory marketing; we can work together to close the deal.


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